Santa Reveals Most Memorable Gift Requests

An exclusive one-on-one with arguably the most popular man of December—Santa Claus.

The jolliest man of the season will be flying around the world tonight delivering gifts to children everywhere, but he was able to take some time from his busy schedule to talk to Patch at the South Hills Village.

Patch: What have been the most popular gift requests this year?

Santa: Electronics. iPods, iPhone 5s, mini iPads, everything.

Patch: How have gift requests changed over the years?

Santa: All the electronics have been the biggest change. Even the small ones are asking for iPhones.

Patch: What has been your most unusual and memorable gift requests?

Santa: One wanted me to bring the parents back together. Another one wanted his family to have a very happy holiday.

The best was two or three years ago, a four or five year old wanted a phone. It took a lot of time for me to figure out why he wanted a phone at such a young age. He finally told me he wanted a phone for when he had to call his friends because his mother was always on the phone!

Patch: Do you encounters more kids telling you what they want or crying ones?

Santa: More happy kids.

(Santa's helper chirped in and said she thought it was 51/49.)

Patch: What's your favorite Christmas song?

Santa: "Here Comes Santa Claus."

Patch: What's your favorite color?

Santa: Red.

Patch: Wii or Xbox?

Santa: Wii.

Patch: Do you have any grooming tips for men with beards?

Santa: Trim it, don't cut it. And use conditioner on it.

Patch: What message do you have for parents and children this year?

Santa: For parents with young children, let the children make the decision on whether they want to sit on my lap, it makes it less dramatic on the child.

And have a merry Christmas!

Patch: What do you want for Christmas?

Santa: A safe trip so I can make all the children happy for Christmas.

Want to track Santa's Christmas Eve trip? Click here.


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