Adam Brock Moves on in 'American Idol' Competition

Adam Brock broke down in tears when Steven Tyler gave him the news: He was one of the top 24 contestants in "American Idol."

"American Idol" judge Steven Tyler gave the news: He was going to be one of the reality show's top 24 contestants this season.

"You're gonna have a beautiful life. You're going on through—you made it, baby," he told Brock during Thursday night's show."That's how good you are."

Brock broke down into tears after being given the news, which seemed to endear him even more to Tyler.

"Look at this man," the Aerosmith frontman told Brock. "I'm in love."

Brock then showed the judges pictures of his baby daughter, and later called his wife to let her know he wasn't able to come home just yet.

She let out a huge scream.

Brock now moves onto the part of the competition where contestants perform live and are voted off based on how fans vote. So far, four others who auditioned in Pittsburgh—Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker, Reed Grimm and Heejun Han—have made it to the top 24.

"Tell her she's gonna see Dad on TV," Brock told his wife to tell their daughter.

Brock will face off against 12 other male contestants next Tuesday on FOX.


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