Social Media Acronyms...what do they really mean?

YOLO, LOL, TBT - What do they really mean? Are we using them out of context?

As the social media outbreak spreads each day, the acronyms associated with them tend to be thrown about via text message and in everyday conversations. Though they are being used virally, the real question is, are they being used in the correct context?

We stay up-to-date on these recent abbreviations such as: YOLO, LOL, TBT.

We stay true to the old school ones (AIM times): BFF, XO, BRB, TTYL. (Because these are used appropriately, there is no need to address them further)


We stay confused deciphering ones we have never even heard of: IAGSMSOL, KYSOTI, IRSTBO, TTYOOTD

YOLO: You only live once.

OK - we get it. Living in the spur of the moment. Spontaneity. This acronym should be associated with specific events in your life that may be, "on your bucket list," or when used in the direct association of the term, "live like you were dying." This acronym should NOT be associated with everyday activities that are trending, common and sometimes, irrelevant.

For example, here are some appropriate YOLO tweets:

Skydiving today with my best friend. #YOLO

Taking some time off work, road-tripping around Europe for the summer. #YOLO

Here are some innappropriate and the, often-used-type of YOLO tweets:

Eating popcorn until my face falls off. #YOLO

In reality, this tweet should be: Eating popcorn until my face falls off. #Ineedtohitthegym

Tweet from random YOLO post-er:

"Instead of walkin downstairs and eating i waited 2.5 hours for my mom to get home to bring me up food #YOLO"

(....no, #lazy)

This is an actual tweet from: StayPuft:

"I just ate 2300 waffles. My belly feels awesome but I think a syrup bomb exploded on my body. #YOLO #TGIF " (Funny and impressive)

LOL: Laugh out Loud (Your mother may or may not have confused this with lots of love...I know mine did)

This should obviously be associated with a funny sentiment, a hilarious conversation, or something that literally makes you laugh out loud. Instead, this acronym is usually placed on conversations that are just...awkward. LOL is used in a variety of contexts ranging from social media to texting messaging, however, maybe we should trade it in for a simple, "haha" every now and then.

The LOL that we all know and love has transformed into the, "this is really awkward and uncomfortable so I'll just place LOL on the end of it to make it seem like a normal conversation..." type of slang.

"Will you go out wit me 2 nite LOL" (No, I'm busy, sorry, please correct your grammar.)

"Hi, what's up LOL" (How is this funny!? This is used way too often. We need to start interacting face-to-face with potential love interests so we can visually SEE them being awkward.)

A NORMAL use of LOL:

"I read that post at work and was literally LOL-ing." (Please and thank you.)

TBT: The Best Times

I knew nothing about this acronym until a few months ago. I literally had to "google" what it meant. When I saw TBT plastered all over my Twitter newsfeed, it was typically associated with pictures from middle school, high school or crazy nights out with friends. I think this needs to be separated into two separate categories of:

GOT(Good Old Times...yes...no..?) - This can be a #hashtag for old pictures, baby pictures, etc. Because honestly, when you were in the embarrassing stages of middle school, high school, etc...were those really #TBT? ...probably not.

Then you can KEEP TBT but use it sparingly. Such as:

Last night was super fun. We went out for ____ 's birthday at had a crazy night! #TBT - more appropriate? I think so.

NOW...for the more...intense acronyms. Have you even heard of these? I know I haven't.


If I were to combine these acronyms into a sentence, it would look like this:

I am getting some money sooner or later, keep your stick on the ice, it really sucks the big one, talk to you one of these days. (wait...what?)

Why would we spend so much time abbreviating long phrases? Let's stick to what we know, people! Also, why is KYSOTI even in the mix? Is ice hockey trending on Twitter? (TBC-to be continued...)

For the complete list of "social media slang," click here for some answers and some amusement!

That's all for now, social media hounds! Stay true to your acronyms and I'll TTYL. #LOL

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