When do we discover the direction in our lives?

Uncovering the truth to your direction and how you got where you're going!

You’re driving home on a Friday. It’s been a long week and you’re stuck in traffic. Your mind travels as your vehicle does; the next thing you know, you’re sitting in your driveway, thinking, “how did I get home?” Your mind is cluttered and your cheeks are wet.

You’re flying home from a temporary residency and it’s a bumpy ride. The turbulence barely fazes you as your heart flies through the air with your luggage. Over-analyzing, planning, sleeping, dreaming. You’re headed back home to figure things out. Your mind is filled with confusion and your glass is half empty.

You’re trekking across the interstate. 425 miles of nothing. You’re music is a soundtrack to your thoughts. Slow, in-depth and dramatic. You replay situations, songs. Fighting your truths but still, your mind wanders. Back in town, back to reality, lacking…anything at all.

In life, we are always pursuing direction. Whether we find ourselves sitting in the comfort of our own driveway, in a tunnel of our own thoughts or halfway across the world, direction always becomes a question, to say the least. Careers, romance, passions: these are just a few of the things yielding to the directions that we take.

We struggle with finding a suitable, enjoyable career. We think we have it figured out. We actually land a job in that field, but then we decide we want to be focused on something else. We aren’t making enough money, the gossip is exhausting, the work is….tedious. We are change-happy. We are unsatisfied. Most importantly, we are bored. We are always seeking direction in our careers. It’s a long drive home from work that makes us contemplate life choices.

Romance: what a natural disaster. This is something that will always toss and turn in our thoughts, haunt our dreams and consume our actions. Once we find someone “compatible”, we find reasons to decide that things, “just aren’t going to work out.” They didn’t make our wish list. They are too overbearing. It’s just didn’t…fit. In other words, we are picky, annoyed and ungrateful. When we decide it works, they think otherwise. This analyzation of “romance” may seem cynical to some and practical to others. It all depends on the perspective and direction that we focus on in our romantic endeavors.

Are you happy? Content, complacent? And no, I don’t mean in an over-analytic-car ride-kind-of way. I mean, are you pursuing your passions, or at least on track to do so? A transition into your dream job. A Segway into an appropriate lifestyle choice. Spending time with the things, the people that you love. First, you must discover your passions. This takes time, energy, and the ability to think. Everyone is good at something. And if not, well, sorry to tell you, but you’re just…mediocre..(just kidding). Once you unravel your passions, you can embrace them. Who cares if you enjoy reading comic books? Forget about the judgments of society and find direction in what you love to do.

Whether it’s a fifteen-minute car ride, an exhausting plane ride or an exaggeration of a tough week, these are the times when we start to decipher our directions in life. Though sometimes these situations can be dramatic and overplayed, the reality of it is: we are inside our own heads, receiving valuable insights from our own minds. So, with that, embrace your thoughts and speak true to what your direction looks like in the present, and future tense.

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