314 Pasta & Prime Restaurant is the Oakmont Community's Newest Addition

Chef David Racicot's vision for 314 Pasta & Prime is community-oriented, kid-friendly.

When Chef David Racicot opened Notion on Allegheny River Boulevard in Oakmont at the end of 2010, he knew it was temporary.

"We always knew we'd want to move Notion," he said. "Oakmont wasn't meant to be its final spot."

Notion, a restaurant devoted to fine, modern dining aimed for adults, isn't what Racicot envisioned for the small community. Since March 2011, Racicot and his team have been working on a plan that would move Notion to East Liberty and open a new family-oriented restaurant in its Oakmont location.

When Notion closed on Dec. 17, 314 Pasta & Prime was born.

Racicot, whose three children currently attend , said he has at least 11 years left in Oakmont, so he wanted to create something longstanding.

"We had different ideas," Racicot said. "I wanted a place that could become a part of the community. That was very important."

The new restaurant is set to open Monday, Jan. 16. It will be open six days a week for lunch and dinner—11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Racicot said patrons can expect "honest Italian foods," such as different kinds of pasta and prime meats lightly seasoned and cooked over an open fire.

"I love the honesty and simplicity of Italian food," he said. "It's what I grew up eating, and I love and respect the culture.

"This is the kind of food people want to eat every day. Notion felt more adult and more formal. The food was much more modern."

The inside of the restaurant has undergone a bit of a transformation. Notion's dark color palette has been replaced with white wood and bright reds and yellows. A large chalk board for children adorns one of the walls.

"I wanted to make it feel like you're walking into your Nonna's house in Tuscany," Racicot said. "It's comfortable, rustic and light."

Racicot said he wants to get involved with the schools, such as hosting Friday night dinners for the football team.

The restaurant's website, www.pastaandprime.com, will feature recipes and have a children's section. The restaurant also will have a cow mascot, and children can print a picture of the cow, color it and take it to the restaurant to hang it on the wall.

"We're doing this for Oakmont," Racicot said. "I want to bring everyone together—at least over dinner."

Regina Vitti-Lyons January 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Can't wait!
Abby Ceraso January 19, 2013 at 10:54 PM
Are they closed now? Their website hasn't been updated sine New Years and they never seem to be open when we go by. What happened?


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