Powerball Worth a Record $550 Million

Find out where to buy a Powerball ticket in Bridgeville, Collier, Heidelberg, Scott, South Fayette and Mt. Lebanon before Wednesday night's drawing to win the $550 million jackpot.

Wednesday night's historic Powerball jackpot rose to a record $550 million on and many Pittsburgh area residents are expected to purchase a ticket Wednesday—if they haven't already.

According to the official Pennsylvania Lottery's website, there are numerous places to purchase a ticket in Bridgeville, Collier, Heidelberg, Scott, South Fayette and Mt. Lebanon. Below are a few of the convenience stores that sell the tickets.

  • 7-Eleven at 1909 Painters Run Rd.
  • Shell gas station at 1980 Painters Run Rd.
  • BP gas station at 3010 Washington Pike
  • GetGo gas station at 3029 Washington Pike
  • Sunoco at 1630 Cochran Rd.
  • BP gas station at 1927 E. Railroad St.

There has been no Powerball winner since Oct. 6. The chance of winning the $500 million jackpot is 1 in 175,223,510.

Good luck (you'll need it)!

Mike Jones November 28, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Would you really want to win $500 million with all the people's lives that went down the tubes after winning the Powerball?
Roger November 28, 2012 at 10:59 PM
No, Mike, I don't want to even think about it. I think the statement of the day is "You can't win if you don't play." (or something similar). The statement is made as an encouragement to play. However, the same words also mean that if you want no part of winning, then don't play. For those not wanting to win, keep your money in the wallet. Yes, Mike, the trail of disaster for large-sum winners is long and dirty. I'm sure that there are a few players who might be capable of handling a win, but the vast majority of players are ill-equipped to win. Just listening to the TV/radio interviews of those playing when asked "What would you do?" is enough evidence.
Mike Jones November 29, 2012 at 02:22 AM
I can honestly say I wouldn't know what to do with $550 million. But I certainly would take the $1 million runner-up prize!
Roger November 29, 2012 at 02:20 PM
Whew! Escaped "the big one!"


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