Eating Instinctively

How choosing healthy foods does not have to be rocket science!

Eating well does not have to be rocket science. It comes down to instinct.

Oh I get it….there are so many types of diets out there…don’t eat this, eat that. NO…you can’t have that! Wait…yes you can! AAAUUUGGHH! It’s so overwhelming!

Take a moment and breathe. Listen to your body and that little voice inside of you. Instinctively, we know what to eat. Our bodies are amazing. All the answers you need are right there.

Humans are mammals(Duh… J) If you look at any mammal in the forest (a deer for example), it knows what it needs to eat to survive. The deer will forage for the right grasses, plants and occasional piece of fruit because it “knows” that is what fuels its body.

We can do the same thing. We just have to “forage” through the grocery store. And that can be rough. I will say it again, PLEASE READ LABELS! If you are just haphazardly throwing things into your cart without a second thought, you are doing your health a severe injustice.

Here are 2 simple tips I put together to help you decide what are “better for you” selections:

1)      Avoid anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. This stuff is bad, folks. The typical American eats over 60 POUNDS of this crap a year! This is in most commercially sweetened foods ‘cause its cheap to make. Your body, essentially, cannot recognize HFCS and cannot use it like a regular sugar. Without getting all scientific on you…it basically prevents your body from feeling “full” and causes you to eat more.

2)      Avoid anything with Partially Hydrogenated Oil-aka Trans Fat.  This bad boy is hidden in bread, peanut butter, crackers, chips; lots of baked goods. Again, it is a cheap substitute for fat. We need fat…it helps our cell function, brain function, keeps skin soft, etc. We just don’t want this stuff!

That’s it. There are a lot of other things we need to avoid too, but I’ll get to those in future blogs. If we eliminated these two ingredients from our diets, we would be WELL on our way to a healthier life.

Think about it. Does your body need Oreos, or Cheetos or another Pepsi? No…it doesn’t. And you know that it doesn’t. And the above two “bad ingredients” are in all of those junk-o foods we love.

Try eliminating just ONE of your vice foods each week.  “Add in” another vegetable or fruit. Drink more water instead of that pop. Cook more at home.

It really is simple.

But you knew that….

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