What We Can Learn From Debbie Downer

Health Coach and Yoga instructor Christianne McCall gives some easy tips on how to deal with the negative people in our lives.


We all work/live/are related to someone who just grates on our last nerve. That person who constantly is negative about everything. Always seeming to find the need to tell you what is wrong in their life. How everything is unfair. Blah, blah, blah.........
It's truly an emotional drain on everyone around them. And it can cause undue stress and anxiety to you wondering how the heck  to deal with this person.
I can relate. I work with a "Debbie" who literally has a new sickness everyday. Backache, stomach ache, etc. etc. And she LOVES to share this information with everyone in the office. It gets old REALLY quick!
After you are around someone like this you tend to talk to others about how much she/he brings you down; it's just natural. The problem with that is you are feeding the negative vibes. You need to change your mindset to a positive one. Below are a few tips that you can put into action the next time you run across "Debbie."
1)Talk to them the way you wish they spoke to you. When you speak negatively, it just feeds the flame. These types of people thrive on negativity. Use positive terms and smile alot.  If nothing else, you leave with a clearer mindset and you may quiet them. What did mom always say, "Kill them with kindness?"
2)You may feel tempted to try to help them with their problems hoping this will shut them up but DON'T. Most of the time, they don't want to hear what you have to say anyway. Acknowledge their issue, and then gently change the subject. Even if it is something as minor as the weather, it is better than focusing on them and their black cloud.
3) If things are really bad, meaning they ramble and complain constantly, ignore them. Don't make any response to their comments, remarks or "ailments."  Just continue about your business. This may be really hard for you to do, but trust me, they will get the hint.
Negativity is everywhere, unfortunately. The news, public places, and with the people we interact with on a personal level. How you react to it is really what makes the difference.
The Law of Attraction states “Whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, I’ll attract more of it, whether wanted or unwanted.” And we DEFINITELY don't need any more "Debbies" in our lives! So think positive and know that "Debbie" is just teaching us how to bring in more of what we do want-happiness, positive vibes and fun!

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