Combing Through Craigslist: Unique Stuff for Sale in the Plum-Oakmont Area

Where else but Craigslist would you find ...

We decided to comb Craigslist to find some of the more unique items for sale in the Plum-Oakmont area. Take a look and see if you agree.

OLD DOLL 1932 Edward Mobley Co. - $10 (Plum/Oakmont)

"Doll is 8 1/2" high and is in excellent condition. Color is 100 percent and he still cries. He is hiding a frog behind his back. Rarely do you find them in this condition. Look him up. Google em. On his back he is signed EDWARD MOBLEY CO. 1932 and ARROW RUBBER AND PLASTIC Co."

Handmade Tweed Duck - $10 (Oakmont)

"This is a hand sewn Harris tweed duck. It is burgundy, navy, and grey. It has always been in a smoke free, pet free home. Excellent condition, paid $30 for it."

Old car ride - $550 (Plum)

"What I have is a an old car ride that you would see about 40 years ago outside Kmart. In good shape you can make it for free or put coins in."

Potbelly Stove - $200 (Plum / Oakmont)

"This is an IRONSIDE 121 Model 2B. These stoves are (were) manufactured by Wehrle Co. in Ohio. It is a very heavy cast iron stove. It has had only a few fires in it. The paint is still original. Dimensions are about 40 inches tall and about 20 inches at the widest center. All door handles and hinges work. Because of the condition, this stove will be a great decorative item, if you don't want or intend to use it as a heat source."

Fishing Lures (Brand New) - $5 (Verona)

"I have qty ( 10 ) 3 oz. fishing lures for sale for $ 5 each or $40 for all 10. These are brand new, and made in the USA. My friend had a business making/selling these to local fish stores. I bought out his inventory. These are very sturdy using 6/0 Mustad hooks. Hooks were tied & dressed with true bucktail with a silver flash included. The bucktail has been died to colors that match the lures, and the flashing "sparkes" in the water to catch the fish's attention. Total length = 4 -3/4 inches long. Have you ever been fishing, and can't get the lure deep enough where the fish are. These lures are made with a cast 3 oz lead body, coated with nice silver and a matching color special paints. No more adding split shot / sinkers to get the lure deep enough. These are hand cast, hand painted, hand tied, and hand assembles in the USA of the highest quality parts. Great for both fresh water (walleye, muskie, trout, bass, etc) and all salt water species.You can cast these out ito the surf, and reel them in for great catches. These lures sold for retail $14.95 in local fish and bait shops. These are NOT JUNK, and the best qualtiy lures you have seen. Set consists of : 2 ---Green / Silver,  2 ---Pink / Silver, 2 ---Black / Silver, 2 ---Gold / Silver, 2 --- All Silver."

What is your best sale/buy on Craigslist? Tell us in the comments.


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