Lent and giving stuff up....

Giving up my biggest addiction for Lent is going to be a challenge, but the reasons for my choice are compelling.

So last week marked the beginning of Lent. For many people, even non-Christians, this means it is time to 'give up' something. I have friends who have given up wine, chocolate, baked goods and I even have a friend who once gave up her 'anger.' She made a conscious effort to NOT lose her temper. 

Another friend announced on Facebook last week that she was giving up Facebook. I found myself envying her. I can't be sure why, but lately when I have logged on to Facebook, I have found myself getting irritated or upset by all the nonsense that gets posted on there.

I know there are settings that can limit what I see. I also have purged my friends list many times. I do really like Facebook for the way it keeps me connected to friends and family. But I also have to admit I tend to spend way too much time on it.

After I read my friend's status update about giving up Facebook, I happened upon a news article. This one really struck home. The basic message was that parents today tend to put their electronic devices ahead of their children. So even though we are in the same room, my kids are not getting my attention. I am too focused on Facebook to notice them or interact with them. 

After feeling quite convicted by that article, I decided to take the plunge. I notified the pages that I help to administer that I would only be on Facebook on Sundays (the accepted day to 'indulge' if giving things up). 

Let me tell you how I am doing so far. Honestly? I'm fine! Maybe it is because I had way more texts yesterday than normal, but I don't feel disconnected. I also don't have that nagging need to log on and see what everyone else is doing. I do find myself picking up my phone and looking at the screen. But I deleted the Facebook App, so I end up putting the phone back down quite quickly and moving on. 

I still have quite a few weeks ahead of me on this Facebook Fast. I will check in with you on my progress. And in the meantime, if you are a friend of mine and wondering why I've disappeared from Facebook... now you know! ;)

Good luck with your fast of choice. May it help you to grow as a person, in your faith or in your life. 

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Joy Mowry Schwartz February 22, 2013 at 03:49 AM
Good for you! I wanted to do a Facebook fast but I didn't feel I could give it up completely so I have modified my Facebook use during Lent. Instead of viewing the entire news feed, I set up a custom list that includes close friends and family and the pages I like that I think will help me during Lent (in my case, mostly Catholic pages). I also try to limit my checking of this list to twice a day when my kids aren't around. Happy Lent to you!
Kathy McGrath McQuillan February 23, 2013 at 01:18 AM
Thanks, Joy! Hope you find peace in your mini reprieve ;)


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