Making Life Easier

Adding new chores to my children's to-do lists has simplified my own life.

When I think about all the things that I have to do in a day, I often wonder how I manage to complete even half of them. And yet, somehow, most of my "must do" list manages to get done.

We all have to-do lists. If you work, you have those things to do. If you are a parent, then the list grows. Married? Add more stuff. Homeowner? That list keeps growing!

I work full-time as a GED instructor. When I come home, I have to face the reality of three children (including one with special needs). Add to that my own side business of original hand knitted items. Oh yeah, I also have a brand new husband who requires my attention. What else? Pets....bills....family....friends. I think you get the picture.

So each day I am met with a pretty big challenge of getting everything done. Recently, it became apparent that my daughters, who are now 10, 12 and 13, really need to be doing a lot more at home. Why? Because I need help and they need to learn responsibility!

I started with a "chore list" that included taking the garbage to the curb, dragging the empty cans back to the house, putting away clean dishes and scooping the litter box. They are also supposed to take care of their own rooms, but I am not overly concerned about the condition of their rooms unless I can no longer pass through it without hurting myself.

This weekend, I have added a new chore for my oldest child. She is now doing her own laundry. My youngest has also agreed to do her own, but we did not have time for her to learn this weekend. Hopefully the washer will be free soon for that to happen.

The incredible thing this means for me? Less laundry! I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me! Perhaps you can relate. I once called laundry a battle, but my brother reminded me that all battles come to an end. Laundry never ends. So now I simply refer to it as a police state. Just kidding. It is what it is, and mine is finally less than it has ever been!

So that is what I have done recently to make my own life a bit easier. What about you?

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