'Tis the Season ...

The time of year when coughs and colds abound has begun.

... For colds and feeling yucky! It is remarkable to me how quickly people become sick as soon as the weather begins to turn a little cooler. I know a lot of it can be attributed to seasonal allergies, but beyond those are colds, the flu, pneumonia, and other various viruses and illnesses.

When my girls were little, there were periods of time that I wanted to just camp out at the pediatrician's office. With three so close in age, it was inevitable that one would get something, then a day later another would get it, then the third. I would spend consecutive days having ears and throats checked out followed by consecutive visits to the pharmacy. We have endured rounds of ear infections, strep and pink eye over the years.

Most of the time I managed to avoid whatever cooties they were brewing. There were a few times that I did eventually succomb to the same illness, but not usually. I can't say all of my family fared as well. Last year, when my daughters shared pink eye for a month (A MONTH!), my mom and my then-boyfriend both got it. It did not seem to matter how often we all washed our hands, clothing and bedding!

As a teacher, I tend to get germs coming at me from home and from school. I just had a new group of students start class on Monday. I could not help but notice that every single one of them was sneezing, hacking, wheezing and coughing all over the place. Since I am already sick and on antibiotics, I was not too bothered by it all. But I felt bad for all of them, as it really does seem to be the way things are.

So buckle down, because that season seems to be upon us. Please wash your hands or keep hand sanitizer around for when you have to be around the public. Try to avoid touching your face and keep those lovely snot-filled kiddos at arm's length until they are no longer snot-filled. Oh, and be sure to take lots of Vitamin C and load up on fluids! It's going to be a while before these germs are done wreaking havoc.

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