Patch Pet: Daria Triumphs Neglect, Still in Need of Help

Daria is described as a sweet and trusting dog.

Daria is a 5-year-old Mastiff mix in need of a loving home.

She has survived years of extreme neglect.

"This sweet and trusting dog is most deserving of a special home. Daria's incredible spirit and resilience is evident after hearing her sad story," according to the Animal Rescue League.

Daria was kept as an outdoor dog somewhere in Beaver County. She managed to escape the home and came back with an eye injury, a possible result of a dogfight or cruel person. Her owner panicked and instead of bringing her to the vet, left Daria at a shelter tied to a water spicket.

The owner later called the shelter anonymously and said Daria lived with older kids in her former home and was good with them. She also is said to be generally house trained.

As you can see in the picture, Daria's eye could not be saved. However, the wound will heal and Daria will be able to manage perfectly with one good eye. 

If you can find it in your heart to help this deserving dog, contact Colleen at cakanowicz@yahoo.com. Daria's adoption fee is $115.


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