Patch Poll: Will You Make a New Year's Resolution?

Vote in our poll and tell us what you think in the comments!

Happy New Year, Plum-Oakmont Patch readers! Will you be making a New Year's resolution in 2012? Vote in our poll. Tell us what your resolution is in the comments section. If you don't make one, tell us why.

My resolution is to eat sweets in moderation and reincorporate exercise into my lifestyle this year! Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October, my yearlong streak of going to the gym was put on hold—I've been too scared to work out because of the effect exercise has on blood sugar levels.

In 2011, I had been going to the gym anywhere from three to six days per week, and I was running two to four miles each day. I never felt so fit in my life.

In 2012, I resolve to get my blood sugar levels under control and step back on that treadmill with confidence.

Here's to a wonderful year!


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