State Republicans Attempt to Engage in Sleight of Hand

Republican Party of Pennsylvania mailing seeks to play voters for fools.

I received a mailing this week from the distortion artists at the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, proclaiming that "The Democrats' Spending is Going Through the Roof," that electing Republicans will "end pork and wasteful spending," and that "Republicans Believe We Can Do Better", to which I say, "hmmmm ... "

The brochure states that the debt has increased $5.2 trillion in the past four years, which is true. Absent, though, is any mention of modern history: which presidents planted the seeds for the profligacy of today.

Nowhere is there mention of former President George W. Bush. It is as if he did not ever serve. Mr. Bush, of course, cannot be mentioned by Republicans touting fiscal responsibility because he was its antithesis, a big-government, fake conservative.  It was he whose multi-trillion dollar, UNFUNDED Medicare prescription drug scheme passed both chambers of Congress with nary a peep of discontent let alone apoplexy from his fellow GOP members. Imagine the howls of outrage that would emanate from Republican "leaders" if such a budget-busting plan had been enacted by Democrats. 

Although Barack Obama followed the programs through to fruition and new heights, it was George W. Bush that initiated the bailout era, including that of the auto industry, and stimulus spending.

President George H. W. Bush, overall a far better man and leader than his son, told us, "Read my lips: No New Taxes!" We read his lips alright, but did not see his forked tongue as he retreated from his "iron-clad" promise. What would the State Republican Committee have to say about a DEMOCRAT that broke his or her pledge to restrain the tax burden?

Democratic President Bill Clinton, though he took paths to revenue enhancement considered by many to be wrong, set the nation on the right fiscal footing, paving the way to balanced budgets (not considering the ticking time bombs of underfunded entitlement programs which continues to this day).

Should President Obama be blamed for the explosion of federal spending and debt that has occurred on his watch? Absolutely, it is his economy now and it has been for some time. Trillion dollar plus deficits each year are unsustainable. He is no worthy of re-election as he has failed the nation. The president should be easy pickings if there were a sharp, intelligent, distinguished opponent, but there is not. The Republican nominee is an individual with incessant proclivity to shoot himself in the foot. He is also the individual that initiated as governor of Massachusetts a health care plan which was the model for the "Affordable Patient Care Act"/"Obamacare," so how does he convincingly fight the president's initiative?

The Republican credo of limited, low-tax government is a noble one to which I have subscribed for virtually all of my adult life, but GOP elected officials have not practiced it in decades. 

When the Republican Party of Pennsylvania says, "We believe we can do better," we should respond, "Why in heaven's name should we believe you when the past is generally the best predictor of the future and you have lied to us?"

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From a students eyes October 02, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Biased plain and simple. It's not the republicans, it's not the democrats, it's the system utilized by both. It's the idea of entitlement which is rampant in this country. It's the lack of responsibility for ones own actions. The common idea these days is "it's not fair" or "it's not my fault" These ideas and common beliefs are what influence voter opinions and shape candidate's policies. It's what gets these scumbags from both sides elected.


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