The Flu Vaccine: An Alternate View

Why did flu vaccine makers require exemption from lawsuits, and what ingredients are contained within vaccines—food for thought.

At this time of year, it is difficult to go far without being bombarded by government and pharmacies telling us that we must all receive a flu vaccine.

My wife and I were approached by a pleasant woman employee as we were walking through the aisles at a Rite-Aid store recently. She asked, "Have you gotten your flu shots?"

Rarely do we hear the voices of those who question this directive.

I used to believe that the flu vaccine was critical and I faithfully received the injection. I have come to take a different view, in large part due to the influence of Dr. James Winer, local natural healing expert. (www.drjameswiner.com). Dr. Winer is proof positive of the value of his natural approach and eschewing of the medical model, which largely relies on dangerous drugs to treat symptoms rather than to cure maladies. He is 65 years of age, looks much younger, is in superb health, and takes no medications, only daily vitamins and supplements. He has a huge following and thousands of testimonials from those he has helped in more than 40 years in practice.

Dr. Winer appears on radio with 35 1/2 hours per week of call-in shows, including a weekly program on KDKA Radio AM Saturdays at 1 p.m. He also appears Saturday mornings on NewsTalk 104.7 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. and throughout the week on AM 620 and 770 at various times with many programs recorded for rebroadcast.

Dr. Winer offers something that is unique in the United States. About five times per year, he opens his doors for "Winer Wellness Week," in which free classes, samples of nutritional supplements, and complimentary vegan/vegetarian/wheat-free/dairy-free food are offered to the public throughout the week. One can stay at the clinic throughout the day and eat to one's heart's content with no pressure to purchase anything, but for those who wish to purchase vitamins and/or dietary supplements, the products Dr. Winer offers for sale are discounted by 20 to 50 percent for these special weeks.

Dr. Winer regularly inveighs that vaccines are not only dangerous, but that they do not work, and he offers documentation of his claims without cost to anyone who contacts his office. He asserts that various vaccines contain combinations of the following ingredients: antifreeze, nail polish remover, mercury and aborted human fetal tissue. He wonders how the Catholic Church cannot be expressing outrage over vaccines, given the fetal tissue component.

If vaccines are safe, as their pushers would claim them to be, why was it necessary for vaccine makers to receive inoculation (pun intended) from lawsuits by those who are harmed by them, and why did Congress grant such an odd exemption?  If we are injecting fluid into our veins, why are we not told precisely what is in the injection?  Has anyone ever been dispensed a vaccine along with a list of its ingredients?  It is rather mysterious, is it not?

Legendary journalist extraordinaire Robert Novak uttered the immortal words, "Always love your country, but never trust your government": a sage and sensible directive.

Question Dr. Winer's conclusions on vaccines if you will, and I accept everything he says only with a grain of salt, but there is much in his repertoire of advice that makes perfect sense, the need to enjoy a good and nutritious diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, the need for vitamins and supplements to replace nutritious value in our food that has been lost over the years, and the avoidance of meat and excessive amounts of fat, sugar, salt, and dairy products.

Whether or not one forgoes the annual flu vaccine, I am confident that anyone who listens to Dr. Winer's programs throughout the week can will pick up many tips for better, healthier living.

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V.M. Sable December 22, 2012 at 04:31 PM
To anyone who is open to listening, here is some of what I have learned over the years: Vaccines are typically loaded with toxins which, in a well balanced immune system/digestive trac, would be filtered out of the body. Adults and children with imbalanced digestive tracs (due to being given antibiotics, without being dosed with SUBSTANTIAL PRObiotics, or the birth parents having imbalanced digestive tracs, as well as lack of proper feeding ("proper" being a BIG word) are not as able to filter the toxins out of the body. Roughly 90% of our immune system is located in our digestive system. The digestive system is "intimately" connected to the brain. When the digestive system is out of microbial balance, any of today's LONG list of ailments, or "auto-immune" conditions, can develope depending on what part of the digestive system is compromised most and what genetic factors exist. I am not an expert. I am a parent who has had NO success with the standard medical model in addressing my or my child's health issues, in fact, it has only exasperated our health issues. I have done ALOT of research on my own, some of which began with listening to Dr James Winer over the years. Dr Winer treated my child, who was diagnosed with ADD, for some food allergies/sensitivities with success. I combined Dr Winer's recommendations with other doctor's findings, namely Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and Dr Ray Peat, and have finally gotten notable and lasting (to be continued...)
V.M. Sable December 22, 2012 at 04:48 PM
(continued) improvement with both my child's issues and my own issues (starting with chronic and SEVERE Sinusitis of 3 1/2 years.) I believe the standard medical model (drugs and surgery) doctors are here to help us. I believe that today's standard medical "system" is VERY problematic due matter$ that are probably best left to another discussion. My bottom line is that today we have to be OUR OWN BEST ADVOCATE when it comes our and our family's health and that includes thinking "out of the box" and not just letting the doctors do our thinking for us; even most doctors themselves will tell you that. This is just my humble opinion and my actual experience.
Erin Conners December 22, 2012 at 07:55 PM
This is not in any way conclusive evidence, but I like to research more natural approaches to different ailments, and in many cases I have found the natural to work much better than the otc or doctor's prescription. I am also extremely skeptical to gluten free diets, vegetarian diets (for health purposes), this imagined systemic candida ailment that so many who see naturopaths believe to be suffering from, etc.. That said, we eat horribly and suffer the consequences but rather than look towards changing our lifestyles, we tend to go for the symptom relieving drug. I take daily vitamins and probiotics and do not receive the flu shot. I am very concerned about the different ingredients in the flu shot. Regardless, I have not been ill in the cold/flu way for over 5 years. The people I know who do receive the flu shot, almost always get sick...for months. These people also eat horribly and some drink/smoke so these are all factors. The questions that Oren is asking are valid and should be asked. Describing a source of health information that he enjoys is excellent info to share for those interested. If I maintain a better resistance to illness than most when it is all around me all of the time...I see no reason for me to put dog kidney and mercury and msg into my body at this time. It is important to let our immune systems do some of the heavy lifting now and again.
Mark A. December 22, 2012 at 08:33 PM
I'm not sure what the author is preaching against here, just the flu vaccine or all vaccines? Not getting the flu vaccine is one thing, but other vaccines such as whooping cough depend on herd immunity to wipe out the disease. We had pretty much wiped out whooping cough until some misinformed parents started refusing the vaccine. Now it is re-emerging due to the herd immunity being compromised. This directly endangers infants who are too young to get the vaccine. The idiotic anti-vax scare of the last few years seems to be slowly ending as people become properly informed, let's not attempt to reignite it.
Oren Spiegler December 22, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Thank you, Erin. It sounds like you are following a sound course and that you consider health information objectively and sensibly as I seek to do. Your Patch photograph depicts a healthy-looking, fit individual. I believe in Dr. Winer's mantra that "we are digging our graves with our teeth". We eat and drink large quantities of junk and could not care less about our habits, failing to make the connection between them and our general health. I am one of the few individuals in my office that has not been off work due to illness in years and on occasions that come down with a touch of something, I recover quickly. Dr. Winer has said that he is the only person in his office that does not get sick, something which he attributes primarily to diet. Diet, nutrition, supplements, and aerobic exercise are the keys to good health, in my view, not dangerous drugs that merely treat symptoms. Keep up the good work and be well!


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