Counterfeit Bill Used to Pay for Forest Hills Pizza Delivery

Customer goes mad in store, another deer struck in this week's Forest Hills police news.

A counterfeit $20 bill was used to pay a Pizza Hut driver on the afternoon of Oct. 20.

The manager of Pizza Hut on Ardmore Boulevard called Forest Hill police after the delivery driver returned to the store with the counterfeit bill. He had just made three deliveries, but told police he couldn’t remember which residence paid the bill with the funny money.

The pizza driver made deliveries to residents in Forest Hills, North Versailles and Swissvale.

The manger was told a report would be filed and to expect a follow-up call from the U.S. Secret Service.   

Oct. 25

A man let police know he struck a deer on Ardmore Boulevard near Braddock Road around 6 a.m. He told police the deer ran off into the main park. An officer checked the park for the injured deer, but the deer was nowhere to be found.

Oct. 24

The clerk at the Stop 'n Shop in the 2100 block of Ardmore Boulevard activated the panic alarm used in hold-ups after an angry customer become irate at the prices and refused to leave the store around 7:30 p.m. The report states he was screaming and slamming items on the counter. 

After the clerk called 911, and just prior to the officers arrival, the man drove off in a silver Saturn.

Oct 21

An officer assisted North Braddock police to secure the scene of an incident after a man was shot in the 600 block of Anderson Street. Woodland Hills EMS treated the victim.

Oct 20

  • An officer assisted North Braddock police to apprehend a man who ran while being questioned about his identity. A hand gun was recovered.
  • Two people were spotted running away from a car parked in the 200 block of Castlegate Road after midnight. The owner of the car heard the alarm go off and through a window watched the two people run.


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