Oakmont Taxes Remain Steady, Service Fees Increase

Residents will, however, see sewage and garbage fees go up.


Oakmont officials held the line on taxes for 2012 but bumped up the cost of some services in the borough, including sewage and garbage.

At a special meeting Tuesday, council passed a $3.7 million budget for 2012.

The borough's property tax rate will remain at 4.5 mills, meaning a resident would pay $450 for every $100,000 of assesed property value.

Effective Jan. 1, garbage fees will increase to $47.70 from $45. Sewer rates will increase from $6.98 to $7.29 per 1,000 gallons.

The increase in cost for garbage collection is a result of increases included in Allied Waste's five-year contract with Oakmont. The 6 percent jump in the garbage fee actually reflects two 3 percent increases, one which should have happened in 2011 and another in 2012.

The sewage rate increase is related to rising operating costs at the plant, such as electricity and wages.

All approved of the budget as well as the increases with councilman John Donovan absent.

Parking Ticket Equipment Added to Budget

Before the final budget was passed, Councilman Tim Favo presented members with the possibility of adjusting the budget to include room for electronic parking ticket equipment.

Council members agreed to move a combined $8,000 from two other budget categories to cover the costs, taking money from funds that had been allocated for the borough manager's potential moving expenses and for a certified public accountant.

The parking ticket equipment had previously been cut from the budget, concerning business owners and officials alike, who have been trying to find ways to curb illegal parking in Oakmont's business district.

Some drivers, like commuters who ride the bus to work in Pittsburgh, park all day in spots for those patronizing Oakmont businesses.

"Our retail area is vital," Favo said. "It's important for us to do all we can to maintain it."

The electronic devices, if put into practice, would work on an increasing fine system—fining up to $25 for the third offense in a month.


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