Plum Council Approves 25-Year BallField Lease for PBSA

Officials are saying this is a "long time coming."

After almost a year, the new Plum Baseball & Softball Association has a lease for the borough-owned ballfields on Ross Hollow Road.

Earlier this week, Plum Council approved the 25-year lease with the PBSA for eight ballfields. The association will pay $1 per year.

Councilman John Anderson said conditions of the lease are similar to those of other sporting organizations in the borough. Among the provisions are:

  • The borough will maintain the property—cutting the grass, maintaining structures to ensure safety, etc.
  • The organization has to provide field-use schedules.
  • An annual audit must be performed.
  • The public still can have access to the facility.

Anderson thanked borough staff and the association's board for their work on the lease.

Last year, officials terminated the lease of the Plum Borough Athletic Association after citing several lease violations. After a lengthy legal battle, the PBAA disbanded and the PBSA formed.

"This has been a long time coming," said Councilman Mike Doyle.


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