Police Equipment, Signs to Enforce Traffic Laws on Trestle Road

Plum Council members are hoping to utilize new police equipment and install signs to prevent speeding on the borough road.

Signs reading "Please Slow Down" decorate the lawns of Trestle Road residences—and now, those residents might get some relief.

Earlier this week, Plum officials said they have come up with a game plan in an effort to stop speeding motorists on the borough road.

On Monday, council is expected to approve a plan utilizing new police equipment and signs to enforce traffic laws.

Residents of the street have said it is plagued by speeders, particularly motorists who cut through Trestle Road when rush hour traffic backs up on Monroeville-Trestle Road.

A traffic study conducted by Trans Associates found that the average speed of those traveling the road is 42 miles per hour. The speed limit on the road is 25 miles per hour.

Officials originally had planned to install speed humps at a cost of $14,000. However, borough Manager Mike Thomas said that after meeting with the , administration determined it would be a better idea to utilize new police equipment designed for speeding enforcement first.

Signs also would be installed on Monroeville-Trestle Road prohibiting turns onto Trestle Road between 4 and 7 p.m. Because Monroeville-Trestle Road is a county road, Thomas said officials would need approval from the county to install the signs.

Officials said speed humps aren't completely out of the picture.

"If residents feel there still isn't relief, council can put the speed humps in at any time," Thomas said.

Council President Mike Doyle agreed.

"We take public safety very seriously," he said.


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