Unity VFD Plans for New Truck

Firefighters hope to have a new truck delivered in 2014.

Firefighters from the Unity Volunteer Fire Department in Plum are hoping to get a new truck next year.

Fire officials have gotten the go-ahead to begin working on specifications for a new pumper truck that would be delivered in 2014. Tonight, Wednesday, they are planning to see a new truck from a Bellvue fire department to see if the same kind of truck would work for their station.

Ira Helfer, president of the Unity VFD, said that while he doesn't have a specific cost for the new truck yet, it could cost about $500,000.

The last time the fire department purchased a new aparatus—a ladder truck—was in 2005. Logans Ferry Heights VFD was the last fire department to get a new vehicle in 2008. Officials experienced a setback in the apparatus schedule because there wasn't enough money to fund new vehicles in the fire fund.

There currently are five vehicles in Unity's fleet.

Plum Councilman Mike Dell said the borough realized a $40,000 savings in the department's workers' compensation insurance. That money would go toward the new truck.

"It's been a number of years since any of our fire departments have been in posession of a new truck," he said. "We are still working on a more permanent solution to get all the departments on a routine to buy new trucks."

Helfer agreed.

"I'm happy to see things moving again," he said.


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