Verona Notebook: Millage, Sewer Repairs & Scholarship

Here's a roundup of items discussed at the February regular council meeting.

Verona Council discussed many items at its regular council meeting earlier this month. Here's a look at some of them:


Verona Borough's overall assessment has increased, but the borough's millage rate will remain steady for the time being, according to Solicitor Craig Alexander.

Under the reassessment, taxing bodies can't receive more than 5 percent in property tax revenue so as not to use the reassessment as a major tax increase.

Currently, Verona is expected to realize a 9.4 percent increase in property tax revenue, but Alexander said there are a lot of pending appeals, which could drop that number.

"More often than not, the numbers are lowered," he said. "There's still a lot pending, and I don't think the 9 percent will be maintained."

Alexander said it would be a "premature" action to roll back the millage rate at this time.

Sewer work on ARB

Borough Engineer Larry Seiler said about 15 feet of storm sewer line needs to be replaced at the intersection of Center Avenue and Allegheny River Boulevard. Officials hope to complete the work before the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation paves the boulevard this summer.

Conte said the work is too complex for the borough maintenance crew to perform in-house. Seiler said he isn't sure how much the project will cost at this point but he will work on obtaining permits to complete the work and quotes from local contractors.

Chamber Scholarship

Four $1,000 scholarships are available to students living in Verona, according to Kier Ewing of Verona’s Chamber of Commerce.

Ewing said students who are interested can contact Roberta Gross at Riverview High School, though a student doesn’t need to attend that school to be eligible. Gross can be reached at 412-828-1800, ext. 1025.


Penn Street residents Bob and Mariann Brayer once again have asked that council take action on installing a sidewalk on the 500 block. The sidewalk was located in front of a home that was destroyed in a fire in April 2011. It has since been demolished.

Bob Brayer said the condition of the sidewalk is a hazard for residents and he would like the issue to be resolved.

Workshop Meeting

The workshop council meeting will be held tonight, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m. at the Verona Borough Building.


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