What is the Median Income in Plum, Oakmont & Verona?

'Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks' Map lets you see the median income for your neighborhood.

An interactive map at the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks website offers a glimpse at median household incomes, by neighborhoods in the Plum, Oakmont and Verona area—and anywhere in the country.

Take, for instance, Plum Borough. The median household income in Unity is $73,701 and in the Oblock area, it is $73,289. East Oakmont and Logan Ferry Heights are at $71,200. Yet, the Holiday Park, Regency Park and Renton areas' median incomes drop to $67,306, $58,953 and $46,058, respectively.

The median income in Oakmont Borough changes when you cross Sixth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Above Sixth Street and to the right of Pennsylvania Avenue (going up the hill), the median income is $71,250. To the left (toward Hulton Road), it is $66,853.

Lower Oakmont (below Sixth Street, and from the Verona border to Pennsylvania Avenue), the median household income is significantly lower at $34,537.

The median income for the entire Borough of Verona is $33,854.

To see what your neighborhood's median income is, click here for the "Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks" map.

Editor's note: The map was created by Chris Persuad, an editorial research specialist for Bankrate.com, during his spare time.


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