Plum, Riverview School Lunch Prices Increase

Expect to pay more for school lunches this upcoming school year.

Students at Plum and Riverview school districts will be paying more for lunch this upcoming school year.

The Plum lunch prices are going up by 25 cents. That means that elementary students will pay $2.15 and secondary students will pay $2.50. Children who are on a reduced lunch plan will pay 40 cents and adults pay $3.50.

Last year, Plum officials for elementary students and a 20-cent increase for secondary students.

Lunch prices at Riverview also will increase by 25 cents. Officials to increase the lunch prices to $2.50 for the 2012-13 school year.

Officials from both districts have said the inceases will help prepare the district for new federal department of agriculture guidelines that will require districts to serve more whole grains; fruits and vegetables; and fat-free or low-fat milk—items that are more expensive.

For more information about food services at Plum, click here. For Riverview's information, click here.


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