Westinghouse Engineers Visit With Riverview Students

High school students discussed engineering with Westinghouse employees last week.

Riverview High School students welcomed Westinghouse engineers for a workshop last week.

During the workship, 58 students and 17 engineers worked through activities and discussed engineering, forms of energy and nuclear energy for six hours at the high school.

The visiting engineers talked about their professions, the different engineering fields, and they gave students advice about how to succeed in college. Students had a chance to ask questions and learn more about each specific field that interested them.

Students also participated on hands-on activities— using pieces of piping to transport marbles around a certain pathway and eventually into a Tupperware container located on the ground. 

The winning team was able to get 105 marbles in the container, earning them a $10 Best Buy gift card. The second place team had 103 marbles in the container.

Students also played a game of Jeopardy dealing with the information they learned during the workshop. After lunch, they participated in an activity called "Blindfolded Leggos" where they worked in pairs to assemble a model using Leggos. The catch, however, is that one partner was blindfolded and the other partner had to describe to him/her how to assemble the model appropriately.


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